Opensource CMS

What is an Opensource CMS

Opensource applications are not owned by an Individual or an Organization. They are free to download and easy to install . Support for such application is provided by the Opensource community. Even though the application is available for free, some of the supporting plugins / themes needed for special customization could be a paid software. Millions of business world wide are using Opensource applications.

Our value added service:

  • Domain purchase and Website/Application hosting (Cloud hosting or Basic hosting depending on the application and business needs).
  • Opensourcs Application installation and customization.
  • Basic SEO optimization.

We do not charge you for the Opensource software. We only charge you for the Implementation & Customization of the application. Our Engineers have a very good hands-on experience in technologies like PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap which are commonly used in Opensource applications.

We also build Custom Desktop/Mobile/Web applications using AngularJs framework